Legal Stuff

Incorporated by Eboney Johnson P.O Box 278493 Miramar fl, 33027

Alwayz Lady Like was incorporated Nov.14th 2010 in the State of Florida and is currently active Eboney Johnson represents Alwayz Lady Like Inc. as the registered agent State ref: id.# filed as domestic Non-profit Alwayz Lady Like Inc. 501(c)3 Non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization.

Etiquette Program

AlwayzLadyLike Inc. Etiquette Program $40 Registration

All Lady Butterflies are responsible for $25 Monthly Dues

(Non Refundable)

Entry Level 1-Lady Caterpillar 

Entry Level 2- Junior Butterfly

Lady Butterflies (Ages 13- 17)

1.Etiquette Tea party and Black tie

2.Writing and Journalism

3.Modeling and Fashion

4.Performing Arts

5.Fine Cuisine and Cultures of the World

6.Education and Professional Tour

7. Community Service (Civic Duties)

Alwayzladylike Inc. Provides an etiquette mentoring program for girls between the ages of 13-17

Alwayzladylike Inc. Tea party & Black Tie program was first initiated in 2010 as a summer comprehensive program that incorporates basic table manners and dining etiquette as well as educates our ladies of tomorrow on what to wear for a dinner meeting an evening at an exclusive restaurant or formal affairs to acquaint them on dining with confidence also with knowing everything to do with dinner place setting and items this is vital information in the corporate world that is attained by the experience only.

Alwayzladylike Inc. Writing and Journalism Magazine is a hands on opportunity uniquely designed to introduce the professional process of creating a magazine each participant will be given an assignment pertaining to the magazine and asked to compile all completed assignments that will include teen related writing material stories, interviews ,photos latest fashion and movies and will hear from several guest speakers in related field to offer advice and insight on the developing project this builds camaraderie and social skills upon completion of this project they will have designed a complete magazine that will also act as a keepsake.

Alwayzladylike Inc. Modeling and Fashion show This is a self-image building course teaching patrons that girls come in all shapes sizes & shades and are all beautiful, all girls have a photo shoot at the beginning and end of this course called look at me Now’s where we take a specific photo allowing model to choose everything about photo and compare photos to show the growth from the first picture to the last they can chose to be a Model or assist in the production of the Fashion show this builds character as well as self esteem and teaches team work.

Alwayzladylike Inc. Musical Arts Program is an experience in itself where we introduce young women to several different musical art forms by attending shows on a weekly basis such as Ballets, Poetry performances Dance shows from (Hip Hop to Jazz) and Live Theater concerts to nurture their artistic development that exposes our youth to different Musical art forms that opens many doors for them to define their own artistic self-image.

Alwayzladylike Inc. Fine Cuisine and Cultures of the World Predisposes young women to different cultures through their sense of taste, Alwayzladylike will offer and experience of unique delicious cuisines of various ethnic groups and get information detailing the origins and cultural relevance of these fine foods while observing the traditional etiquette of the culture.

Once a month girls will receive a gourmet tour moderated by various cultural culinary experts , as they savor an array of delicious flavors from around the world embarking on cultural customs to become well rounded individuals accepting of different

Cultures in Americas Melting Pot.

Alwayzladylike Inc. Education and Professional Tour is an informative and interactive college prep and professional awareness tour that gives students a personal look of facilities and institutions as well as professionals in their normal day to day operations Alwayzladylike will arrange an escorted tour of college campuses and attend a college orientation workshop as well as visit several professionals to get an up- close look into the designated field this gives students a broad view of life steps and strengthens readiness.

AlwayzLadyLike Inc Girls are encouraged to participate in community service by volunteering our hearts and time with other organizations and people that may need our help this builds personal character as well as educates on why community service and volunteering is important in all communities as well as the community that they live in they earn points that are a requirement for  graduation from our program as well as for High School . 

 Program : Overview

*Table manners

*How you view yourself


*Self-love & Self-Respect


*Hygiene & Grooming

*Language & Grammar

*Self-Improvement (positivety)

*Boys (age appropriate)

*Sexual Abuse, Abstinence, Protection

*Education (Importance of)

*Internet Social Network &Image

*Entertainment Look vs. Everyday look

*Drugs & Alcohol Abuse

*Civic Duties ~Community Service 


Summer Camp~ Program Overview ~

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