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Incorporated by Eboney Johnson P.O Box 278493 Miramar fl, 33027

Alwayz Lady Like was incorporated Nov.14th 2010 in the State of Florida and is currently active Eboney Johnson represents Alwayz Lady Like Inc. as the registered agent State ref: id.# filed as domestic Non-profit Alwayz Lady Like Inc. 501(c)3 Non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization.

I Am Legend


I must say Bravo Clap Clap to Young CDT they put on a “Expletive” Show I won’t miss the next show ever! and Hat’s off to Traci Young @SupaBlackGirl for giving the kids a positive outlet and teaching them a craft along with Discipline. With all that she does I had the absolute pleasure of watching her reward some of the Seniors in her dance c/o Scholarships for as much as 12,00 dollars Bravo and Thank you for being a Black Female Leader and role model that gives back to our Youth. & To my Little cousin Nyiah who is becoming such a Little Lady great Job and of course the dedicated Parents like my cousin Shell you are a a great Momma and note: (PSA) To whom ever reads this It is important that we support and promote each others ventures, shows, events etc. we talk about who doesn’t do what for the community and in our community then when some one does something there’s no support, So i’m just saying it has to start with one another or we will never get ahead as people we need to start volunteering in some of these Groups for kids and investing more of our Time & money into our children these Groups are not Day Cares they are Character Building groups and activities that teach and mold our children for Life and as a fellow Mentor I know It’s No easy Task and It takes Lot’s of time and money with little or no reward, and Last but not least to the dedicated Volunteers that work behind the scenes to make it all happen that you can trust to handle money buy things needed donate and be on time, if no one told you from AlwayzLadyLike Inc. Thank You! Thamk You Very Much 

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