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Alwayz Lady Like was incorporated Nov.14th 2010 in the State of Florida and is currently active Eboney Johnson represents Alwayz Lady Like Inc. as the registered agent State ref: id.# filed as domestic Non-profit Alwayz Lady Like Inc. 501(c)3 Non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization.

High School Rich .!


The days when children played together just to play wore bobos outside and no one cared, even though you knew to take off your good shoes when you came home from school, and shopping was something your Parents did without you those days are long gone and we have ourselves to blame

Today I would Like to discuss the fact that even though there Is a strict dress code In most Public Schools we seem to have an increased problem with kids thinking that they are not cool and don’t even feel good about themselves unless they are High School Rich.

What I mean by High School Rich Is that whom ever rocks the latest tennis or bags or whatever the trend for the season ,and the latest hairdo Is considered to be High School Rich and all the kids seem to respect or hate that kid regardless of the person they are the grades they get or the company they keep but as Adults aren’t we the same way now this gets complicated because I am definitely guilty of buying the $100 tennis and the latest what ever for myself so as a parent I want my children to look good to BUT does this help or hurt them our children concentrate alot on what others have and what they dont especially the Girls “Its hate it or Love it no in between”

How do we handle this problem are we feeding in to it because the minute another child has a newer pair of Jordans “Let The Fighting Begin”

Parents do we teach are girls to mix and match do we teach are girls to work with what they have when we shop or are we buying the latest we can afford or are we buying what we LIKE and not what every one else Is wearing so that our children can look like a better clone than the next ?

This whole thing Is crazy and my Motto Is definitely when you Look Good you feel Good but I think that these kids take it to a whole new level and have no clue what the basics of style are and we need to give our Girls a crash course in style 101 so they know the difference that will in turn teach them Class Style & Grace.

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