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Incorporated by Eboney Johnson P.O Box 278493 Miramar fl, 33027

Alwayz Lady Like was incorporated Nov.14th 2010 in the State of Florida and is currently active Eboney Johnson represents Alwayz Lady Like Inc. as the registered agent State ref: id.# filed as domestic Non-profit Alwayz Lady Like Inc. 501(c)3 Non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization.

Ms.Rachel Lloyd


        For those of you who don’t know please let me be the first to tell you about Rachel Lloyd she started her very own Non-For Profit Organization for sexual exploited Women called GEMS * Girls Educational & Mentoring Services.

Rachel Lloyd had the opportunity of meeting some wonderful people who gave her the opportunity to tell her story and the stories of other Women, In the Documentary called Very Young Girls.

 I saw this and it “(Changed My Life)” I thank God for getting me through my teen~age years, fortunately enough for myself the Men that I encountered actually took care of me but looking back on my life personaly It could have went soooooooo…. different. I think that all girls 12 and up should see the Documentary Very Young Girls , we really do ignore the things that go on in the world we need to save our Girls…… The average age in the U.S for a girl to become a prostitute is age 13, being that I have daughters I find this very alarming.

Honestly I watched this Movie and I cried, my heart goes out to these girls Lost in the land of followers. I wish i could pull each and every girl aside that is right at that impressionable age where they are coming into their own and are searching for what is wrong thinking that it’s right and tell them You have to be your own Kind of Beautiful and that the only Love better than self Love is the Love of God.

See It

Rachel Lloyd was Awarded the Reebok  International Human Rights Award

Thank You Rachel Lloyd We Love You <3


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