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Incorporated by Eboney Johnson P.O Box 278493 Miramar fl, 33027

Alwayz Lady Like was incorporated Nov.14th 2010 in the State of Florida and is currently active Eboney Johnson represents Alwayz Lady Like Inc. as the registered agent State ref: id.# filed as domestic Non-profit Alwayz Lady Like Inc. 501(c)3 Non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization.

Stopping The Girl Fights !!!


Over the past year their has been an increasingly alarming amount of vicious girl fights that start from the age old “ He say She say” back when i was in school which was not really that far back the “ He say She say ” did exist but it did not end in stabbing, shooting  or even a fight for the most part the other girl didn’t speak to you and you wondered why !!! that leaves me to the question why so many girl fights and how do we stop them these are our young girls and Though i love them they seem to be getting more angry day by day, with much attitude and very little respect for them selves and each other i so desperately want to help them, they come off so grown but yet are so lost we have blamed it on Hip hop videos rap etc. but what really or who really is to blame, as an effort to show them right from wrong they seem to embrace more wrong than right example the show Bad girls club maybe they watch a different show than i, and although it is entertaining i do not see why any young girl would want to copy such behavior that is embarrassing to all involved with the awkward falls and ugly bruises and i am aware of the fact that being rude, disrespectful, loud and vulgar is the in thing to be but how did our girls end up embracing “NASTY” as a “FAD” it doesn’t even look good on T.V which leads me back to my question and something needs to be done about “ Stopping The Girl Fights ”

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