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Incorporated by Eboney Johnson P.O Box 278493 Miramar fl, 33027

Alwayz Lady Like was incorporated Nov.14th 2010 in the State of Florida and is currently active Eboney Johnson represents Alwayz Lady Like Inc. as the registered agent State ref: id.# filed as domestic Non-profit Alwayz Lady Like Inc. 501(c)3 Non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization.

“Better Safe Than Sorry “


When is a Good time to put your daughter on The Pill, As a Parent like myself this is a tough decision and even tougher thought of course we don’t want to encourage something that’s not happening and of course we don’t want to give a free pass to Girls Gone Wild. An I have like always talked to a lot of Mommy’s and Daughters to get a bunch of mixed answers and I have to admit I myself am a bit uneasy with this question. Now let’s be realistic they know what the Pill is what it’s for and how it works probably better than us, But when is a good time or should we put these girls on the Pill ?

I spoke to my OBGYN who implies what he see’s as well as his own personal beliefsĀ  and suggest that girls should be on some sort of birth control and he’s a Dr. as early as their 1st period why he said simply" Better Safe Than Sorry “, I asked this one Mom who was so funny she said that she had actually made the decision to put her oldest daughter on birth control the funny part was she said that she told her that it was a B-12 shot. But can we be sure that she really didn’t know she was on Birth control I mean our parents told us things for our own good and we listened knowing fool well that it was a lie.

There is really no one answer and every girls is different but I think that they display the signs and it’s up to us to choose to listen when they start talking to boys and about boys. I think the alarm should go off in our heads OK!!! It’s time to administer the B-12 or what ever you choose to call it, because bottom line is If she’s going to have sex she’s going to have sex with the birth control or without it be honest and let her know why she is being put on birth control and the consequences of having sex even being on birth control that will not prevent HIV and other diseases.

Advise these girls of yet again another old school Quote that a "Hard Head Makes A Soft Azz” meaning these so called only my friend and besties will break your little heart trying to have sex with what they think is a boyfriend for life or their hubby let them know that they better open their pretty little eye’s and keep their legs closed and Mom this is your que to tell them just how boys roll and truth be told on this one if she really likes the boyfriend she probably will NOT listen the first time But……. If she’s smart and you tell her the truth she will learn.

If you are one of those Mom’s who think that your daughter will not have sex because she is scared of you hmmm you better think again and if your the type of Mom that screams and yells all the time and no one can talk to you my advice is to let your daughter know that she can talk to you if about nothing else about wanting to or thinking about having sex because I’m sure you want your daughter to be safe and it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

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